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Best Beaches in Africa

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Africa is huge, the world's second largest continent covers 6% of the earth's surface has a massive coastline. With 53 countries (not all on the coast), choosing where to go on a beach holiday in Africa can seem daunting, but hopefully this guide to the best beaches in Africa can help you make the right choice.

In North Africa, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco have plenty of beach resorts and great deals on package holidays apart from being a great winter sun holiday destination, they are also excellent places to go scuba diving.

Closer to the equator in West Africa, you have the popular beach holiday destinations of The Gambia, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire and on the East coast, you have Kenya with beaches like Malindi, Bamburi, Diani and Lamu. Then there are the fantastic beaches on Zanzibar island in Tanzania, with some of the best beaches in the world.

In Southern Africa, there are the huge unspoilt beaches in Mozambique, the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius and of course South Africa, with it's world famous Cape Town beaches and Table Mountain.

Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Kenya Beach

Bamburi Beach, near Mombasa in KenyaAll along the Kenyan cost, there are some excellent beaches, on top of this Kenya has an excellent tourist infrastructure and there are some excellent beach resorts, especially near Mombasa, with some of the best at Bamburi beach.

The fact that you can easily combine your beach holiday with a safari holiday must make a Kenya holiday one of the most appealing anywhere in the world.

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Cape Point Beach, Northern Kombo, The Gambia

Cape Point Beach in The GambiaWith great weather almost all year round and some cheap deals on flights and package holidays, The Gambia has become a very popular Winter Sun Holiday Destination.

The Gambia has some good beaches, with Cape Point being one of the best, it is a lovely quiet beach that has lovely soft white sand and many palm trees. This area is pretty unspoilt as most of the developments are placed well back off the beach. However, because of cross tides, this area is unsuitable for swimming.

There are a few hotels on this beach, including the Sun Beach Hotel which has a watersports center with activities like jet skiing, canoeing, windsurfing and sailing on offer.

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Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Nungwi Beach on Zanzubar Island, TanzaniaThere are many fantastic beaches along the coastline of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, but the beaches on the island of Zanzibar have to be some of the best. Zanzibar has about 30 beaches and pretty much every single one is picture perfect and one of the best has to be Nungwi beach which is near the northern tip of the island.

Nungwe beach in Zanzibar is not only one of the best beaches in Africa, but is also listed as one of the Top Ten Beaches in the World.

Zanzibar, with it's old stone town and small fishing villages, seems to be stuck in a place where time stands still. The white sand falls away under the surface of the water ever so gently creating the wonderful Turquoise coloured calm waters which are home to thousands of exotic marine animals.

Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South AfricaNoordhoek Beach is over four miles long and as this image demonstrates is best viewed from Chapmans Peak in Cape Town.

The huge waves and cold water mean that Noordhoek is probably not the best swimming beach, but it is very popular with walkers, horse riders and of courses surfers. The beach has soft white sand and the views of the bay are incredible. The popular There are surfing locations are known as the Hoek and Dunes.

The beach also has a ship wreck on it, dating from the early 1900’s. The skipper of the Kakapo thought he had already rounded Cape Point and went straight into the beach, it now makes for some excellent photo opportunities.

Guludo Beach, Mozambique

Guludo Beach, MozambiqueGuludo beach, backed by palm groves is one of many stunning beaches located in the Quirimbas National Park in the north of Mozambique.

Apart from enjoying the beach, you can go scuba diving, sailing, visit a local village, go humpback whale watching or go to the elephant lookout to see elephant as well as many other species of African wildlife.

The Quirimbas National Park was created in 2002 at the request of local people and consists of the 11 southernmost islands of the Quirimbas archipelago, plus a vast expanse of mainland. The aim of the park is to conserve the diversity, abundance, and ecological integrity of all physical and biological resources in the park area and as such they are very selective about what tourism it allows, with an emphasis on high quality, low impact tourism where the local communities benefit.

Within the park you can find may of Africa's best wildlife including Elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and hyena. It is also a great birding location with and a huge variety of sea birds and raptors including the fisheagle, bataleur eagle, martial eagle, flamingo, storks, herons, kingfishers, and many more.

Laguna, Bay of Dahab, Egypt

Laguna, Bay of Dahab, Egypt Laguna lies on the southern side of Dahab, once an isolated coastal village. This beautiful beach sits in a natural lagoon on the shores of the Red Sea, 90 km north from Sharm El Sheik. The scenery is stunning as the beach sits between the dessert and the Sinai mountains.

With over 300 days of wind a year, it is a windsurfers paradise and is also popular with scuba divers. It is also the perfect starting point for a safari into the Sinai peninsula.

Even though it is a popular tourist location, the Bay of Dahab is much less built developed than many other beach resorts in Egypt and as such has a much more relaxed feel to it with it's mixed types of accommodation, Bedouin-style cafes and natural beauty.

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